Sport Budgets

Preliminary budgets for each sport are submitted at least 2 months prior to the start of a season for review & approval by the Board of Directors.

Once the season is completed and final bills have been submitted, a final budget is also submitted for record.

Budgets are posted once approved by the Board of Directors.

Baseball (Spring): 2019 Preliminary  2020 Preliminary

Baseball (Fall): 2019 Preliminary 2020 Preliminary

Basketball: 2019-20 Final   2020 Preliminary

Cheerleading: 2019 Final  2020 Preliminary

Football: 2019 Final   2020 Preliminary

Soccer (Spring):  2019 Preliminary  2019 Final

Soccer (Fall):  2018 Final  2019 Preliminary 

Softball:  2019 Final 2020 Preliminary

Strength & Conditioning: 2020 Preliminary 2020 Final

LAA General Fund:  2019 Preliminary