Hello Panther Nation!

My name is Kenney Lutz and I am the President of the Lopatcong Athletic Association. We as a board would like to welcome you to our new website. This has been developed for you to easily acquire information regarding our sports programs, sign ups and the events that occur in and out of season for our respective sports. We as an association are recognized as the only official athletic program of the Township and are completely supported and endorsed by our community leaders as such. We take great pride in offering the following sports to our student-athletes of Lopatcong all year round. We offer football, soccer (Fall and Spring), cheering, twirling, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and softball. We are also in the construction stages of adding three additional sports to our lineup. Tennis, track and golf and in the plans and will be added once all of the final pieces are secured and schedules and coaching staffs can be established. We are also expanding the parameters of our sports clinic opportunities and hosting major area tournaments at our venues. The growth of these activities will allow our area to become a known entity for such activity. This interactive website along with our initiative of expanding our sports experience, will allow us the opportunity to showcase our beautiful park and show the surrounding counties that we are interested in being an integral part of athletic growth in the area.

To add to our already strong athletic culture, we have entered in discussions with the School Administration at the Middle School to instill a student-athlete recognition component which will highlight our athletes and their efforts in the classroom as well their approach towards character building within the school and community. We are forging forward to include a sense of family, belonging, and community amongst our student-athletes and their families. As you can see, we are very proactive in our approach to helping our residents acquire a complete and comprehensive experience with our organization.

We are now a nonprofit organization which is always interested in forming new partnerships or acquiring new sponsors to help support our programs. We have a great deal to offer and are always interested in meeting with groups who may have an interest in joining us. If you know of any business or group that may want to look into this opportunity, please have them contact me directly. You can access my email address within the contact section of the website. Also, please take a moment to browse through our sponsor section located within this website. They are all great establishments and we as an association are humbled to call them partners and to be affiliated with them.

Lastly, we pride ourselves as an organization on representing the Township of Lopatcong. Blue and Gold are our colors and the Panther is our logo. We feel very strongly about the family environment that we are building, one sport at a time. Please understand that we have withstood the true test of time and will continue to be a sports organization that will produce upstanding student-athletes and solid programs that will enhance their overall character while engraining a sense of pride within them. There is only one Lopatcong and one Lopatcong Athletic Association (LAA) and we are humbled to have you as a part of it. Any other satellite program or organization that is attempting to use our likeness, name or logo is completely not affiliated with us in any way. If you should have any questions or need any assistance regarding our programs or wanting to know if a program is under our jurisdiction, please just reach out at any time and we will be happy to answer your inquiries. Thank you for the opportunity to share the details about our organization and all that we have to offer you. It is our pleasure to work for you. Welcome to Panther Nation!

Kenney Lutz
Lopatcong Athletic Association President